The themes below reflect: A) PRINCIPLES of primary health care; B) SETTINGS where primary health care is delivered, and; C) PROCESSES or methodologies applied to implement and research primary health care interventions. Dr. Ruta Valaitis' scholarly work has been organized under each theme. Click on any theme to learn more. 

 Principles of Primary Health Care - see the Canadian Nurses Association Position Statement (2015) Accessed Here.


Accessibility and System Navigation

PRINCIPLE: System Navigation refers to an individual or team facilitating access and removing barriers to health-related programs and services


PRINCIPLE: Collaboration is a recognized relationship among different sectors, groups or interdisicplinary teams

Public Participation

PRINCIPLE: Public participation refers to active public engagement a core primary health care principle

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

PRINCIPLE: Health promotion and chronic disease prevention and management

Technology and Innovation

PRINCIPLE: Technology and innovation refers to methods of care, service delivery, procedures and equipment


Public Health

SETTING: Public Health is aimed at promoting, protecting, improving, and where needed restoring the health of individuals, specified groups, or the entire population.

Primary Care

SETTING: Primary Care is the first point entry to a health care system

Home Care

SETTING: Home Care refers to both home care clinical services delivered in the home as well as non-clinical community services


Community Health Nursing

PROCESSES: Community Health Nursing descibes the works nurses do in partnership with people to promote health where they live, work, learn, and play

Health Education

PROCESSES: Health Education is related to post-secondary education and professional development


PROCESSES: Implementation refers to planned efforts to mainstream primary health care innovations.

Knowledge Translation

PROCESSES: Knowledge Translation includes the synthesis, dissemination, and uptake of research and supports the principle of the use of appropriate technology and innovation