Graduate Students

This is a list of graduate as well as post-graduate students that Dr. Valaitis has supervised or worked with as a supervisory committee member. Links have been added to completed thesis projects and published papers where relevant. If you are a past student or current student and would like us to add a link to your work, please contact

Picture Name Degree Ruta's Role Thesis Topic More Info
Leena Wu Chau  Leena Wu Chau MSc Co-Supervisor Primary care and public health collaboration: A population health approach in the delivery of mental health care More Info.
Linda Brousseau Linda Brousseau PhD Supervisor Implementation of models of sexual health programs in public health More Info.
Anita Stern Anita Stern PhD Supervisor The Complexity of Family Caregiving: Use and Perceptions of Home Telehealth in Palliative Cancer Care More Info.
Mary Guise Mary Guise PhD Supervisor Computer-mediated-conferencing: support for preceptors of senior nursing students More Info.
Nancy Wilczynski Nancy Wilczynski PhD Supervisory Committee Member Information retrieval: Large biomedical electronic databases More Info.
Sally Binks Sally Binks MScN Supervisor A Comparison of Nurses’ Similarity Judgments at Two Points in the Novice-Expert Continuum More Info.
Ellen Buck-McFadyen Ellen Buck-McFadyen PhD Supervisor Social Capital in Rural Communities More Info.
Dr. Judy Burgess Dr. Judy Burgess Post-Doctoral Fellow Co-Supervisor A Tool to Evaluate Interprofessional Teams in Primary Care More Info.
Trish Burnett Trish Burnett MScN Supervisory Committee Member Mobile technology for the promotion of physical activity in children More Info.
Maneet Chahal Maneet Chahal MScN Supervisory Committee Member Access to mental health services for the South Asian population in Peel Region More Info.
Kristina Chang Kristina Chang MScN Supervisory Committee Member Patient engagement in community-based intervention research More Info.
Stephanie Chiu Stephanie Chiu MS eHealth Supervisory Committee Member Developing the Design for an Online Diuretic Care Tool for Older Patients with Heart Failure by Evaluating its Interactions with Heart Failure Patients and Caregivers More Info.
Cara-Lee Coghill Cara-Lee Coghill MScN Supervisor Exploring the Built Environment and Physical Activity in Rural Ontario Health Units More Info.
Jeri Dunne Jeri Dunne MSCN Supervisory Committee Member Approaches to Public Health Practice: Exploration of Chronic Disease Prevention in Ontario Health Units More Info.
Bellraj Eapen Bellraj Eapen MS eHealth Supervisor Efficacy of web-based tailored health communication for behavioural modification in sun safety: A randomized, comparative study of tailored and response independent information delivery More Info.
Janice Feather Janice Feather MScN Supervisory Committee Member A Narrative Exploration of a Nurse Navigator Role in Primary Care More Info.
Dr. Rebecca Ganann Dr. Rebecca Ganann Post-Doctoral Fellow Co-Supervisor Integrated knowledge exchange with knowledge users in community-based interventions involving extensive patient and caregiver engagement in the community More Info.
Rachael Haalboom Rachael Haalboom MScN Supervisor Implementation of public health vision screening follow up programs in schools More Info.
Danielle Hunter Danielle Hunter MS eHealth Graduate Program Student Advisor An examination of the impact of e-Health on health equity among marginalized populations More Info.
Sandra Isaacs Sandra Isaacs PhD Supervisor How community-based services work together to address the primary health care needs of recent immigrant children More Info.
Rojin Karimi Rojin Karimi MS eHealth Supervisor Design of an e-Health tool to link primary care providers with home care to support stroke patients More Info.
Christine Kurtz-Landy Christine Kurtz-Landy PhD Supervisory Committee Member Health and social service utilization by “at risk” postpartum women More Info.
Amanda LeRoux Amanda LeRoux PhD Supervisory Committee Member In Progress More Info.
Tracey Lovett Tracey Lovett MScN Supervisory Committee Member Exploring structures and processes that support collaborative practice amongst community health nurses who work with breastfeeding families More Info.
Jennifer Nicholl Jennifer Nicholl MScN Supervisor Community Nurse Networker: A Priority Neighbourhood Pilot Project More Info.
Kenneth Nwosu Kenneth Nwosu MS eHealth Supervisory Committee Member Design and Evaluation of a Two Way Interactive Video eConsult System (TWIVES): A Web-Based Care and Continuity Solution Enabling Secure and Private Patient-Provider Connections When Mobility is Limited or Commuting is Not an Option More Info.
Kelly O'Halloran Kelly O'Halloran PhD Supervisory Committee Member In Progress More Info.
Lisa De Panfilis Lisa De Panfilis MSc Nursing student Supervisor Youth Access to Mental Health Services in Primary Care More Info.
Beata Penrice Beata Penrice MScN Supervisor Nurse Managers as Project Managers: A Gap Analysis of Competencies More Info.
Beth Potter Beth Potter MSc Supervisory Committee Member Breastfeeding in Public Places More Info.
Arik Rankin Arik Rankin PhD Supervisory Committee Member In Progress More Info.
Rebecca Spark Rebecca Spark MScN Supervisor An exploration of experiences of academics and decision-makers in a collaborative program of research More Info.
Jane Sparkes Jane Sparkes MS eHealth Supervisor A usability study of patients in their own homes as they set up a cardiac event loop record and Blackberry gateway for remote monitoring More Info.
Irtaza Tahir Irtaza Tahir MS eHealth Supervisory Committee Member Exploring User Requirements for the Design of an Electronic Patient Decision Aid for Guardians Making Treatment Decisions about Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia More Info.
Basilhea Woodley Basilhea Woodley MS eHealth Supervisor A scoping review of stroke rehabilitation eHealth apps More Info.
Lindsay Yuille Lindsay Yuille MScN Supervisory Committee Member Primary Care Nursing Roles in Cancer Support More Info.
Erin Ziegler Erin Ziegler PhD Supervisor LGBT populations and access to primary care More Info.