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MS eHealth
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Design of an e-Health tool to link primary care providers with home care to support stroke patients
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2015 - 2016

AGE-WELL NCE Award $15,300 (Topic: Design of a eHealth Tool to link Primary Care Providers with Home Care to support Stroke Patients), McMaster University

This study focuses on the co-design of an expansion of an existing eHealth App (MyST) to include primary care providers who are in the stroke survivors’ circle of care. MyST was originally developed for the home care sector and is currently accessible by home care providers, patients and their caregivers. Primary care providers, another group of users of the proposed enhanced version of MyST, were not engaged in the design process. The objective of this study is to identify this user group’s requirements and develop specifications for the design and development of MyST 2 to be implemented in real practice settings.

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